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May-June 2013 (No. 3)


The May-June issue.
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  • Supermarket wine sales: sinner or saintly saviour? - Tony Keys
  • Jasper Morris on Mornington Pinot
  • The concept of 'noble place' in New World winegrowing - Ted Lemon
  • Gently does it - processing premium Chardonnays - Cathy Howard
  • Science award leads to cold soak trial - Richard Fennessy
  • Assessing a new crusher aimed at delivering wines with improved polyphenols and flavours - Christophe Arnaud, Remi Niero, Alain Samson, Soline Caille, Marie-Helene Ducasse, Magali Bes, Jean-Michael Salmon
  • Grape quality assessments: a survey of current practice - Mardi Longbottom, Con Simos, Mark Krstic, Dan Johnson
  • New and emerging technologies for the vineyard: the vineyard of the Future initiative - Sigfredo Fuentes, Roberta De Bei, Stephen D. Tyerman
  • Changes in the performance of grafted and ungrafted vines with ageing - Rob M. Stevens, Tim Pitt, Chris Dyson, Michael G. McCarthy
  • Spanish trial compares mechanical defoliation and crop thinning for yield management - Sonya Logan
  • Hangtime - optimising harvest timing: Part 2 - Tony Hoare
  • Verduzzo - a 'crazy' white - Joel Pizzini, Pizzini Wines, King Valley
  • Proficiency testing for wine analysis - Luke Warner
  • Little joy in vineyard real estate market - Colin Gaetjens
  • Consumer-sensory evaluation of Australian Chardonnay - Anthony J. Saliba
  • Cashing in on the wine tourism experience - Richard Halstead
  • Tasting provides snapshot of the $20-40 Australian Chardonnay offering





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