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January-February 2013 (No. 1)


The January-February issue.
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  • Natural wine a treasure to the Australian industry - James Erskine
  • 2012 – the year in review and what it means for 2013 - Tony Keys
  • Talk & Taste The allure of Iberian beauties - Jane Faulkner and Louisa Rose
  • Heat stabilisation - Robyn Peterson, Liisa Kautto, Steven Van Sluyter and Helena Nevalainen
  • The cooler the better: the effects of storage temperature and packaging type on the sensory and chemical properties of Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon - Helene Hopfer, Susan Ebeler and Hildegarde Heymann
  • Aroma reduction Volatile sulfur compounds and ‘reduction’ odour attributes in wine - Maurizio Ugliano, Jean-Baptiste Dieval, Stephanie Begrand and Stephane Vidal
  • Seeing through smoke - Mango Parker, Gayle Baldock, Yoji Hayasaka, Christine Mayr, Patricia Williamson, Leigh Francis, Mark Krstic, Markus Herderich and Dan Johnson
  • Natural viticulture What’s in a name? - Toby Bekkers
  • Sustainability Context and content in grapegrowing sustainability systems: a process - Irina Santiago, Johan Bruwer and Cassandra Collins
  • Pests & diseases The role of other fungi related to Eutypa lata in eutypa dieback disease of the grapevine - Wayne Pitt, Florent Trouillas, Walter Gubler, Sandra Savocchia and Mark Sosnowski
  • Pests & diseases Australian Shiraz Disease: an emerging virus disease of Vitis vinfera cv. Shiraz - Nuredin Habili
  • Alternative varieties Perth Hills winery sings praises of Furmint - Sonya Logan
  • Branding It takes two to make regional brands stick with tourists - Ulrich Orth and Albert Stockl
  • Wine Intelligence Consumer trends in the wine industry for 2013 - Lulie Halstead
  • David Botting BD by design - Mark Smith
  • Great Southern Lead article: Great Southern land - Mark Smith
  • Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio Bringing out the best in increasingly-popular Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio
  • Much diversity in Australian Pinot G

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