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November-December 2012 (No. 6)


The November-December issue.
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  • Gongs, comments and egos - Tony Keys
  • Australia at the crossroads: will regionality help? - Richard Smart
  • Outlook Conference delivers message that there is still work to be done but there is good cause for optimism - Sonya Logan
  • Beyond bentonite - Ella Richardson, Neil Scrimgeour, Matteo Marangon, Richard Muhlack, Paul Smith, Peter Godden and Dan Johnson
  • Managing H2S production during fermentation – a focus on yeast nutrition - Ursula Kennedy and Dylan Rhymer
  • The influence of yeast strains on the phenolic and aromatic qualities of red wines - Denis Caboulet, Marie-Agnes Ducasse, Amelie Roy, Laurent Dagan, Celine Fauveau, Patrice Pellerin and Remi Schneider
  • Humidification – keeping more of the angels’ share in the barrel - Cathy Howard
  • Rootstock breeding and associated R&D in the viticulture and wine industry - John Whiting
  • Development of a smartphone application to characterise temporal and spatial canopy architecture and leaf area index for grapevines - Sigfredo Fuentes, Roberta De Bei, Cristian Pozo and Stephen Tyerman
  • Taltarni trial shows insectariums still a sanctuary for beneficial insects in spite of increased chemical inputs - Matthew Bailey
  • Italian inspiration for novel Nero d’Avola making - Brad Hickey
  • The show must go on - Sam Connew and Iain Riggs
  • Inside the box - Richard Halstead
  • Big rewards in fine detail - Mark Smith
  • Great Gippsland – punching above its weight - Mark Smith
  • Putting the sparkle in sparkling rosé
  • Effervescent sparkling rosé





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