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March-April 2012 (No. 2)


The March-April issue.
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  • The dance of brand myth-creation - Tony Keys
  • Grapevine trunk diseases: a new global vineyard threat? - Richard Smart
  • Ten years of transformation: Reflecting on the technical advances in the wine industry over the past decade - Peter Godden and Dan Johnson
  • Filtration of grape juice sediments: a new application for cross-flow filters - Patrik Schonenberger, Davide De Giorgi and Julien Ducruet
  • Impact of different closures on intrinsic sensory wine quality and consumer preferences - Paulo Lopes, Isabel Roseira, Miguel Cabral, Cedric Saucier, Philippe Darriet, Pierre-Louis Teissedra and Denis Dubourdieu
  • Biochar in viticulture - Hans-Peter Schmidt
  • Right variety - right place - right time! - Tony Hoare
  • Seed ripening in King Valley Merlot vineyards - Erika Winter and Stephen Lowe
  • Western Australia winning with Arneis - Pippa and Mark Cumbers
  • Taxes are going up: what are we going to drink in the future? - Armando Maria Corsi and Larry Lockshin
  • Time to move the digital conversation on - Richard Halstead
  • How to protect your brand from being ‘ripped off’ in China - John MacPhail
  • Hood: a man of premium quality - Matt Byrne
  • Tasmania sets its sights on a sparkling future - Matt Byrne
  • Making icon Pinot Noir
  • Plush Pinots to delight the palate





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