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September-October 2011 (No. 5)


The September-October issue.
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  • The wine industry continues to contest the anti-alcohol lobby - Tony Keys
  • Wine battles between Australia and New Zealand: How ‘Goliath’ should learn from ‘David’ - Richard Smart
  • Seeing through the haze: the discovery of chemical markers for smoke exposure - Yoji Hayasaka, Gayle Baldock, Mango Parker, Markus Herderich and Isak Pretorius
  • Tailoring oxygen management strategies to winemaking styles - Maurizio Ugliano, Jean-Baptiste Dieval and Stephane Vidal
  • Outsourcing - benefits and tips - Sonya Logan
  • Two species of fungus Colletotrichum responsible for ripe rot of grapes - Chris Steel, Lindsay Greer, Suren Samuelian and Sandra Savocchia
  • Predatory mite species present in Australian vineyards: Natural biological control of grapevine rust mite and bud mite - Martina Bernard, Jennifer Beard, James Altmann and Alan Yen
  • Developing new biologically-based products for control of botrytis bunch rot Part 1: Developing a new natural product for mid-season botrytis control - NP2 moves closer to the market - Kirstin Wurms, Annette Ah Chee, Phil Elmer, Rob Agnew and Peter Wood
  • Developing new biologically-based products for control of botrytis bunch rot Part 2: Developing a new biologically-based product for late-season botrytis control: The BCA-L1 story - Frank Parry, Phil Elmer, Peter Wood, Rob Agnew, Jonathan Saunders, Kirstin Wurms, Stephen Hoyte and Annette Ah Chee
  • The hangover - the effect of last season on this season - Tony Hoare
  • Greco - fit for the King of the High Cs - Rob Fairall and Julia Conchie
  • Screwcap acclaimed but still finding its identity - Richard Halstead
  • You’ve got mail: turning direct marketing into smart profit - Trish Barry
  • Marketing for SME wineries - the whole Box and Dice - Sonya Logan
  • Puglisi a good father to the Granite Belt - Matt Byrne
  • Barnes-storming the Granite Belt - Matt Byrne
  • Straightforward Verdelho
  • Verdelho – the alternative variety we already have?





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