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July-August 2011 (No. 4)


The July-August issue.
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  • Latest crush rivals 2010 in the face of a difficult season
  • Grape juice and wine yeast: happy marriages and how to avoid getting stuck with the wrong partner - Simon Schmidt, Simon Dillon, Radka Kolouchova, Paul Henschke, Anthony Borneman, Angus Forgan, Paul Chambers and Isak Pretorius
  • Is it possible to predict the sensory characteristics of barrel-aged wines by performing a chemical analysis of the wood? - Andrei Prida
  • From drought to flooding rains - how have vines responded? - Joanne Pech, Michael McCarthy, Ashley Ratcliff, Adam Hall and Robert Strachan
  • Cover cropping... works like magic - Mark Smith
  • Weed control options for commercial organic vineyards - Toby Bekkers
  • The clone wars - where does your loyalty lie? - Tony Hoare
  • Estimating wine quality before harvest: Mission impossible? - Richard Smart
  • Aglianico at Karanto Vineyards - Dennis Elliott
  • From the vineyard to the UK, computer technology increasingly weighs in to the day-to-day operations of larger wineries - Matt Byrne
  • The value of sustainability in the Australian wine sector - Damien Wilson
  • How much longer can the wine industry hold back the anti-alcohol lobby? - Tony Keys
  • Prue Henschke: getting to the grassroots of viticulture - Matt Byrne
  • Itís a matter of trust for the Barossa - Matt Byrne
  • Grenache with panache
  • Nationís most celebrated Grenache regions go head to head in tasting





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