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January-February 2011 (No. 1)


The January-February issue.
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  • Downy mildew tests spraying skills - Tony Clancy
  • Profile - Stephen Doyle - Matt Byrne
  • Harnessing AWRI’s yeast and bacterial research to shape ‘next-gen’ Chardonnay Part 1: ‘Wild’ and ‘non-conventional’ yeast - Christopher Curtin, Jennifer Bellon, Eveline Bartowsky, Paul Henschke, Paul Chambers, Markus Herderich and Isak Pretorius
  • An innovative tool for winemakers: sequential inoculation with a non-Saccharomyces yeast and a Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast - Celine Raynal, Forbes Wardrop, Olivier Pillet, Jason Amos, Perrine Languet, Ann Dumont and Anne Ortiz-Julien
  • Vineyard biodiversity - vive la difference! - Toby Bekkers
  • Recycling CCA posts - a reality at last? - Tony Hoare
  • Climate predictions for Tasmania in 2100 - Mark Smith
  • Assessing under-vine soil surface temperature - Ursula Kennedy, Doug Baddeley, Greg Dunn and Ashley Wheaton
  • It’s the CO2, stupid! - Richard Smart
  • Comparing the costs of biodynamic and conventional viticulture in Australia: a recent study - Irina Santiago and Luke Johnston
  • The changing face of irrigation - Mark Rowley
  • UK consumers prefer PET as glass alternative - Sonya Logan
  • Chardonnay Part 2: the story continues - Tony Keys
  • Wave of success continues for Margaret River - Matt Byrne
  • The Chardonnay way





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