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2012 vintage report for Shoalhaven Coast (New South Wales)

Shoalhaven Coast experienced a wet vintage very similar to that in the Hunter, but was less affected by the massive deluge in February. Disease pressure was great, but we are used to that by now! Overcast conditions caused slow ripening and low Baume, but fruit flavor was great and acid was fantastic (no acid was […]

2012 vintage report for Hilltops (New South Wales)

Hilltops recorded its second cool, wet vintage in a row, with flooding and disease resulting in some blocks not being harvested. However, the quality of the harvested grapes was generally high, especially for clean fruit. Some late selective harvesting to avoid infected areas attracted a lot of interest from boutique wineries, along with high prices. […]

2012 vintage report for South Burnett (Queensland)

The 2012 vintage was in stark contrast to 2011, with climatic conditions producing the best growing season on record. Verdelho has been the stand out variety in the whites, but winemakers agree that the quality of all the fruit this year has been exceptional. The more moderate temperatures pushed vintage seven to 10 days later […]

2012 vintage report for Henty (Victoria)

For some vineyards, it was the earliest harvest on record due in part to lower bunch numbers and earlier ripening. Sparkling varieties were very good, showing good structure. The majority of vineyards picked a lower than average crop, but there was compensation in the outstanding fruit quality. Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Riesling were standouts, along […]

2012 vintage report for Heathcote (Victoria)

Expectations are high for a vintage that will rank among the top three of modern times. Yields were strong, particularly for Shiraz. Additional moisture developed bright, vibrant fruit with good fruit definition and nice ripe tannins, but disease pressure generally was much lower than in 2011. The conditions also allowed the fruit to ripen on […]

2012 vintage report for Bendigo (Victoria)

Bendigo had an excellent growing season, although rains during March had some effect on flavours. All wineries that purchase fruit were pleased, especially with the rich intense colour of the grapes. Bunch sizes were up roughly 10% on recent vintages, but yields were down about 30% on estimates, perhaps due to berry count. Source: Winemakers’ […]

2012 vintage report for Rutherglen (Victoria)

Heavy March rain came early enough to not have a major impact on the immature fruit, and the following good weather allowed the grapes to develop to physical maturity at a lower Baume than in past vintages. This brings out natural flavour. The wines produced are above average and have good fruit flavour with higher […]

2012 vintage report for Upper Goulburn (Victoria)

2012 was generally reported as producing excellent quality of fruit flavours, colour and ripeness, across all varieties, although there was some experience with botrytis affecting the size of the Riesling harvest. High rainfall occurred through the vintage and early disease pressure in late Spring/Summer resulted in some fruit losses but generally the crops were average […]

2012 vintage report for Yarra Valley (Victoria)

2012 will go down as one of those exceptional vintages where all varieties achieved excellent quality. Pinot Noir is the stand out, with Chardonnay and Shiraz also shining. After some initial trepidation, a long Indian summer resulted in Cabernet also achieving the status of excellent. Harvest started as early as the second week of February […]

2012 vintage report for Alpine Valleys (Victoria)

Thanks to its topography, Alpine Valleys avoided the worst of floods which hits neighbouring regions. Sparkling and other white varieties picked before the first rains showed good fruit flavour, as did Chardonnay and early red varieties picked in March. Later red varieties Merlot and Cabernet came in with slightly less sugar than usual but an […]

2012 vintage report for Geelong (Victoria)

Across the board, local winemakers are genuinely excited about the quality of fruit and varietal intensity from the 2012 vintage. Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon are showing rich, bold intensity and earlier picked reds, such as Pinot Noir and Merlot, show great cool vintage influences. Yield across the region was generally lower than the long term […]

2012 vintage report for Strathbogie Ranges (Victoria)

Harvest was somewhat earlier due to reduced crop loads, smaller berries and open bunch. Disease pressure was reduced on prior vintage; small loads and everyone had learnt from last year and was ready to pounce. Whites ticked along at par, Shiraz performed well with our vigilance, but the star is the regions truly varietal Cabernet; […]

2012 vintage report for Beechworth (Victoria)

Beechworth experienced one of its cooler vintages of recent years and one of its wettest summers on record. These conditions favoured elegant flavour development in Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc but Shiraz ripened slowly and most vineyards picked as late as they have ever done so. Some elegant, European-style Sangiovese and Nebbiolo […]

2012 vintage report for King Valley (Victoria)

Mild conditions provided steady ripening, resulting in good natural acidity in white varieties and excellent colour accumulation in reds. Great varietal expression was observed across most varieties, with winemakers very pleased with the quality. Time will define the standouts of the 2012 vintage, but Prosecco sparkling bases are very fresh and show a great acid […]

2012 vintage report for Goulburn Valley (Victoria)

Heavy rain in late February and early March had a significant impact on the vintage, yet overall quality is above average, with parcels of Riesling, Chardonnay and Shiraz tending to excellent. Harvesting started as early as the first week of February, and varieties picked ahead of the rain fared particularly well, with Chardonnay and Riesling […]

2012 vintage report for Swan Hill (Victoria)

Murray Valley Winegrowers estimates a vintage intake of 320-340,000 tonnes for Murray Darling and Swan Hill. Despite a condensed vintage that started up to three weeks earlier than average, winemakers are lauding the quality of grapes and wines as probably the best in 20 years – with reports of outstanding quality Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet […]

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