Upcoming amalgamation of Winemakers’ Federation of Australia & Australian Vignerons: “the right move for the industry”

With the vote on the amalgamation of the Winemakers’ Federation of Australia (WFA) and Australian Vignerons taking place next Tuesday (13 November), the chief executive of WFA, Tony Battaglene, has written to his members saying he is confident the proposal is “the right move for the industry and shows a growing maturity”.

Battaglene writes, “WFA has had its ups and downs throughout its life, but it has always been a staunch advocate for the sector. I am proud of what we have achieved, and proud that we have navigated that tricky nexus to ensure we represent all winemakers, no matter their size, or business models.

“But it is time now for a new era. The formation of Australian Grape and Wine Incorporated (AGWI) will dramatically increase our advocacy ability to be able to represent both winemakers and grape growers. We will be able to enhance our policy delivery and strengthen the ability of the sector to respond to bio-security threats. Our forward work program will deliver against our key priorities and increase our ability to provide direct benefits to grape growers”

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