Strategy 2025

1. The Australian Wine Revolution 1966-1996
2. The Success Story of Australian Wine
3. 2025 Trends Favour Wine
4. Vision 2025
5. Australian's Wine's Competitive Edge
6. Market Opportunity
7. Resources to Achieve Growth Scenarios
8. Government Partnership Critical to Success
9. Strategies
10. The Next Five Years
11. Implementation of Vision 2025

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11. Implementation of Vision 2025

To make the 2025 Vision a reality will require the commitment of the wine industry to implementing the above strategies.

The scenarios specify the scale and scope of growth opportunity which is feasible and desirable. It will be up to the individual commercial entities in the winegrape, wine and supplier industries to determine how they can use the framework of opportunity identified by the Vision to create their own business future.

The Winemakers' Federation of Australia (WFA) on behalf of the Australian Wine Foundation, will take responsibility in consultation with the Winegrape Growers' Council and other wine industry bodies for implementing, monitoring and revising Vision 2025.

The final supporting documentation of the Vision 2025 strategies and a detailed plan of action will be derived during a discussion process within the Australian wine industry.

This will culminate at the Australian Wine Industry Outlook Conference in Adelaide on September 19, 1996.

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