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Australian Domestic Wine Sales

Domestic Wine Sales

According to the ABS, the total domestic sales of wine - Australian domestic plus imported wines - increased very slightly during 2013-2014 to 539.3 ML (see table). Domestic sales of Australian-produced wine decreased by about 1% to 457.5 ML.

The market share of domestic wines has reduced in comparison with that of imported wines which made substantial inroads in the Australian domestic market. Australian-produced wine accounted for 84.8% of total sales, while imports accounted for 15.2%. In 2006-07, Australian-produced wines comprised 92.9% of total domestic sales. Sales of Australian white wine increased by 2.3% while red wine sales dipped by 1.2%.

Sales of domestic table wine sold in glass containers of less than two litres increased (+1.6%) and continued a trend which has seen this category increase every year since 2008 (see table). In 2013-14, 236.3 ML of table wine (61% of domestic sales) was sold in glass containers less than two litres, comprising 119.6 ML of red/rosť wine (+0.5%) and 116.7 ML of white wine (+2.8%). The amount of table wine sold in soft packs rose for the first time in many years to 125.5 ML (+4.9%). Soft pack sales comprise 32.4% of the total domestic sales. In 2000-01 soft packs accounted for 54.1% of sales.


According to the ABS, the volume of Australian wine imports decreased by 3.1% in the past year to 81.8 ML while the value increased by 10% to A$634.3 million. Imports now account for 15.2% of domestic wine sales, up from 7.1% in 2006-07 (see table). Sparkling wine accounted for 11.8 ML or 14.5% of all imports and imported sparkling wine accounted for 25.5% of all sparkling wine consumed in Australia. The average price per litre of imported table wine rose by 13.4% from A$6.84 to $7.76.

New Zealand has firmed its position at the top of the list in terms of imported wines coming into Australia and has more than doubled its imports since 2008 (see table). Australia now imports 52.9 ML of New Zealand wine at a value of $334.9 million and an average price per litre of $6.42. New Zealand imports showed a decrease in volume by 2.2% but a increase in value growth of 10.8%. New Zealand wines represent nearly 64% of all wines imported into Australia by volume and 53% by value.

France maintained its second place listing this year and pipped Italy with a volume of 13.1 ML at a value of $205.9 million and an average price per litre of $15.67. French wines hold 32% of the total value of imported wine sales in the Australian domestic market despite supplying only 16% by volume.





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