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Spring focus: Grapevine nutrition and pre-flowering inputs

A grapevine relies on a variety of nutrients is for healthy metabolic function, but getting the balance right isn't always easy. But we've got viticulturist Sam Bowman on hand to help.

"From woolly bud to flowering, a vine is utilising the carbohydrates it has stored post-harvest," Bowman says. "However, if sufficient nutrients were not supplied post-harvest, there may need to be some adjustments made pre-flowering."

Quality soil is essential to being able to produce good fruit and healthy vines and the right nutrient additions delivered at the right growth stage can greatly improve vine health and potentially deliver healthy fruit and good returns for growers.

Bowman's advice:

"Nutrient uptake and availability is a complex management issue which should be addressed each season."

"Every vineyard site is different so there is no cover all approach. Understand the composition of your soil and track excess or deficiency of nutrients to assess whether issues are ongoing or seasonal."

"It's important to assess nutrient status to ensure you obtain the best results through the season. So, let's have a refresher of what the vine needs and how it should be most effectively supplied."

You can read the whole Bowman article here.

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Wine & Viticulture Journal

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A highlight of the July-August issue of the Wine & Viticulture Journal is our coverage of the recent International Cool Climate Wine Symposium. The Journal was a trade sponsor of this year's event, and was represented by Richard Smart and Peter Hayes, who not only made presentations during the symposium, but have shared with us their highlights of the program.

Immediately following Richard and Peter's ICCWS overviews is the third and final instalment of Tony Keys indepth look at the US market. In this article, Tony turns his attention to the future opportunities and challenges in this market for the Australian wine sector.

Another highlight of this issue is Cathy Howard's look at trends in the use of sulfur in the Australian wine industry. Some reader may have completed the online survey Cathy ran as part of her article.

Are you familiar with all the known viticultural influences that affect grape tannin accumulation in red wines? Rachel Kilmister presents them in her article which is drawn from some of the research undertaken by a team from Victoria's Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources which has been looking at anthocyanins and tannins for the past decade.

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