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Grapegrower and Winemaker Issue 644, 2017
Title: Looking Back - Fertilising grapevines can be a worthwhile exercise
Keywords: September, 1987, Grapegrower, Winemaker, Clarrie, Beckingham, NSW, Department, Agriculture, priority, profitable, business, operation, vineyard, strong, productive, healthy, grapevine, use, fertiliser, important, worthwhile, response, reasons, traditional, soil, management, pratice, low, demand, nutrients, fruit, crops, alternatives, irrigate, improved, quality, production, adoption, scientific, approach, grapegrowing, nutrition, Hunter, Valley, record, benefits, yields, evidence, irrigation, tonnes, hectare, economics, drought, dry, decline, levels, variety, excess, vine, vigour, application, assessed, trial, fertile, advantage, boost, cover, green, manure, help, development, nursery, propagation, rejuvenation, regrafting, re-trellising, training, benefit, planning, implementation, uptake, influenced, factors, undervine, feeding, roots, effects, moisture, rainfall, pH, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Zinc, program, diagnosis, requirement, performance, calculated, loss, leaf, sampling, analysis, assessment, history, inspections, composition, rates, removal, leaching, allowances, harvested, replace, fixation, root, zone, type, varieties, densities, young, deficiencies, timing, winter, climate, broadcasting, phenology, spray, spraying, budburst, spreading, fertigation, cost, company, freight, bulk, buying, sale, price, kilogram, ammonium, nitrate, straight, compound, mixed, banding, poultry, sub, surface, placement, folia, extra, income, most, efficient, rootzone, broadcast, season, stored, annual
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