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Grapegrower and Winemaker Issue 644, 2017
Title: Fertiliser in vineyards: What has changed?
Keywords: viticulturist, changed, fertiliser, technology, Clarrie, Beckingham, 1987, wine, grapes, fertilising, winegrapes, synthetic, nitrate, phosphorus, agricultural, landscape, changing, improved, efficiency, farming, sector, development, tractors, mechanised, processes, grandular, Roundup, released, improve, weed, control, food, sources, genetically, modified, crops, produced, agriculture, crop, production, Hunter, Valley, yield, expansion, vineyard, area, cropping, levels, need, vine, nutrition, support, larger, loads, developing, methods, sampling, application, products, major, changes, identification, soil, microbiology, role, growers, bugs, bacterial, cells, diverse, ecosystems, nature, improvements, genetic, testing, scientists, extract, DNA, RNA, identify, species, process, individually, plating, staining, modelling, better, estimate, organisms, mineralisation, nutrients, control, pathogens, remediation, pollutants, fungi, discovered, composts, important, viticultural, practices, benefits, building, humus, microbial, diversity, amend, issues, available, contain, microbe, inoculants, designed, feed, plant, Urea, isolated, urine, treating, silver, cyanate, ammonium, chloride, breakthrough, organic, chemistry, inorganic, compounds, artificially, synthesised, without, assitance, use, fertilisation, greenhouse, gas, emissions, targets, sustainable, energy, materials, produce, consumption, option, environmentally, expenditure, nitrogen, extracted, cycle, uses, grapevines, mineral, chlorophyll, photsynthesis, amino, acids, component, grow, replicate, healthy, balanced, imbalance, reversal, ratios, health, pest, relationship, limitation, growth, fruit, bud, initiation, season, uptake, calcium, potassium, boron, utilisation, humates, lockup, bound, return, humic, unlock, rock, phospates, rise, knowledge, micro, importance, viticulture, magnesium, assessing, silicon, molybdenum, fixation, atmospheric, inflorescence, ion, silicate, results, xylem, phloem, vessels, transport, sugars, water, leaves, roots, stronger, pipes, berries, prevents, infection, penetration, insects, natural, resistance, fight, attack, mitigation, UV, damage, foliar, applying, efficient, fertigation, folia, tissue, irrigation, ground, spreading, drip, standard, flood, sprinkler, dripline, soluble, liquid, direct, gypsum, save, money, screening, spread, chelating, agents, assist, efficacy, blends, financially, disease, cause
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