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Grapegrower and Winemaker Issue 643, 2017
Title: Grape marc: Trash or treasure?
Keywords: grape, marc, product, talk, industry, waste, second, world, winemakers, rid, options, costly, landfill, composting, vineyard, processing, plant, small, fee, wet, crumbly, liquid, gold, sold, recycled, winery, Australians, making, wine, Italian, growers, utilising, by, products, turning, grappa, burning, fuel, bringing, organic, matter, soil, scale, farms, live, off, land, innovative, lack, court, cases, surrounding, illegal, dumping, New, Zealand, proof, right, examples, excess, Tarac, Technologies, established, 1930, facilities, producing, areas, Australia, South, Nuriootpa, service, Barossa, Valley, Riverland, Berri, interstate, plant, located, Griffith, NSW, Tartaric, giant, Coligan, Vic, Jeremy, Blanks, difficulties, sourcing, travel, delivered, less, environmentally, friendly, cost, effective, process, reasons, expand, Riverina, company, hands, on, handles, distributing, lees, filter, cake, crossflow, sludge, dropping, off, third, party, collection, steaming, piles, fermented, grape, smell, sweet, tractor, steam, still, extracts, alcohol, produces, spent, seeds, germinate, soil, conditioner, spirit, fined, tanks, distribution, exported, internationally, distillers, batches, brandy, portion, acid, powdered, tannins, cleaned, health, food, industry, outdoor, storage, vintage, dry, calendar, winery, supply, least, useful, recycling, system, used, agriculture, stock, food, mulch, compost, ground, down, produce, Acti-Meal, attention, successful, research, Development, Institute, feed, grow, farmed, abalone, July, 2017, Grapegrower, Winemaker, sanitise, steel, drums, export, filled, fruit, concentrate, pomegranate, apple, sweetner, fruit, juices, confectionary, water, evaporating, distillation, processes, manufacturing, chain, wastewater, treatment, North, Para, Environment, Control, ponds, utilises, natural, tools, evaporation, bacteria, treat, closed, loop, reported, February, 2007, edition, information, sustainability, website, archives, sell, juice, concentrate, ship, globe, 2013, switched, gas, power, continued, production, invested, installing, biomass, fuelled, boiler, device, burns, turns, energy, allowing, run, facility, Victoria, completely, grid, without, carbon, footprint, Ben, Manfield, ash, agricultural, circuit, original, completing, project, annual, bill, million, 2015, saved, year, combusting, chamber, wood, stove, series, emissions, nature, input, output, tree, neutralises, damages, free, extra, costs, pick, up, delivery, buyback, absorbed, squeezing, runoff, problems, waterways, benefits, Tyrrell's, aerobic, quick, turnover, keep, aerated, build, minimum, batch, collect, tank, massive, ponds, higher, chance, anaerobic, stink, Scott, Bartlett, pumps, stop, irrigated, woodlot, pasture, solids, block, spray, nozzles, principles, Jameson, cell, froth, flotation, mining, separate, mineral, particles, efficient, requires, adopted, University, Newcastle, Graeme, automated, hours, activated, float, switch, main, coarse, sieved, dosing, cationic, polymer, floating, flocculated, top, skimming, dewatering, belt, rollers, squeeze, drop, down, collection, trailer, collected, distributed, paddocks, mixed, compost, heap, grazing, cattle, tests, observations, salt, organic, no, chemicals, fireweed, presence, spring, negligible, warns, considering, pH, levels, gelatine, caustic, performance, drops, neutral, adjusting, skip, irrigate, blockage, avoid, damage, pressed, residual, distilled, processed, different, types, eau de vie, industrial, McLaren, Vale, Settlers, Spirits, Rowland, Shelley, Short, gin, Shiraz, grow, distil, bottle, cellar, door, label, Mximus, Wines, mixing, classes, tastings, range, liquor, stores, Olivigna, winery, olive, grove, Warrandyte, working, still, show, restaurant, copper, Italy, distillery, limoncello, lemons, citrus, mixture, experimenting, tastes, flavours, John, Di Petro, family, 2014, business, growth, fashion, emptied, cooled, skins, use, leftover, fertilizer, burn, dried, heating, benefit, spread, potential, germinating, removed, nutrients, garden, beds, heavy, clay, Steve, Schiller, conducting, trials, test, switching, effective, synthetic, saving, hazard, detrimental, trouble, issues, chicken, manure, control, motivation, hay, chips, temperature, stops, rising
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