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Grapegrower and Winemaker Issue 643, 2017
Title: A national approach to better combat biosecurity threats
Keywords: national, biosecurity, committee, endorsed, new, research, development, extension, priorities, unified, strategic, nationally, consistent, focus, head, policy, Department, Agriculture, Water, Resources, matthew, Koval, support, improved, outcomes, natural, barrier, protect, exotic, pests, diseases, border, managing, Australia, system, RD&E, underpins, risk, approach, helps, concentrate, efforts, greatest, landscape, changing, rapidly, growing, complexity, challenges, prevention, preparedness, eradication, containment, management, communication, target, most, concern, existing, emerging, saves, farmer, year, investment, benefits, targeting, find, collective, solutions, align, Agricultural, Competitiveness, White, paper, designed, translated, returns, million, rural, R&D, Profit, Program, projects, plant, pest, surveillance, network, announced, monitor, report, threats, major, primary, production, industries, grains, cotton, horticulture, wine, forestry, intelligence, need, automated, trapping, sampling, technologies, aims, minimise, impact, pest, disease, incursions, sector, protecting, international, reputation, high, quality, safe, produce
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