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Grapegrower and Winemaker Issue 643, 2017
Title: The science of wine - Dr Brian Jordan
Keywords: Brian, Jordan, career, focussed, impact, light, plant, development, NZ, winegrower, early, stages, scientific, Newcastle, Upton, Tyne, Cardiff, Stanford, University, Canberra, New, Zealand, efforts, help, uncover, importance, UV, fruit, research, wine, grape, Dean, Lincoln, Marlborough, Centre, academic, professorship, better, studying, effects, southern, hemisphere, radiation, equivalent, latitude, northern, environment, ozone, depletion, natural, higher, affects, life, forms, causes, sunburn, humans, discovered, major, impact, plant, absorbed, molecules, energetic, damage, positive, growth, development, grower, removes, leaves, vine, minimize, minimise, humidity, disease, threat, open, exposure, cause, changes, berry, biochemistry, increase, flavonoid, compunds, bring, antioxidant, capacity, berries, skins, alter, characteristics, extra, varieties, grown, differing, same, aspect, terroir, climatic, conditions, end, temperatures, water, status, interact, outcome, composition, uniqueness, individual, region, react, methoxypyrazines, aroma, levels, veraison, reflected, harvest, leaf, removal, reduce, dependent, season, role, unclear, largest, tends, cooler, ripen, optimum, amino, acids, decreased, amount, significant, YAN, fermentation, add, quality, different, flavour, canopy, finding, recognised, quercetin, kaempferol, substantially, alter, prevent, pressure, risk, components, unmanaged, answer, timing, project, spreading, Marsden, grant, investigate, adaptation, terrestrial, aquatic, land, dry, high, protective, biochemical, pathways, protection, early, adapters, understanding, links
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