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Grapegrower and Winemaker Issue 643, 2017
Title: Wine research is anything but dry science
Keywords: viticultural, science, Ian, Dry, CSIRO, origin, rootstocks, scion, improvement, pros, cons, GM, food, research, plant, growth, regulators, control, winegrapes, ripening, primary, industries, wine, viticulturists, Waite, Campus, Adelaide, University, winegrapes, horticulture, pathology, lab, UK, molecular, biology, projects, browning, reactions, fruit, vegetables, crops, funded, work, viticulture, germplasm, improvement, breeding, approaches, modern, problems, Europe, salinity, heatwaves, downy, powdery, mildew, phylloxera, conditions, production, quality, disseminated, superior, adaptability, challenges, new, areas, Australia, adapted, crosses, overseas, conditions, perform, high, levels, salt, irrigation, water, key, biochemistry, genetics, grape, flavour, aroma, compounds, change, rate, berry, help, deal, increasing, problem, compressed, vintages, fastest, application, digital, technology, world, leader, sensors, collect, data, everyday, situations, applying, vineyard, robot, drone, tractor, driving, rows, weeding, spraying, picking, canopy, mineral, nutrition, use, efficiency, disease, status, yield
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