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Grapegrower and Winemaker Issue 642, 2017
Title: Scarcity v Exclusivity
Keywords: difference, winery, wine, club, limited, release, bottles, leverage, business, model, less, more, approach, marketing, idea, product, awareness, perceived, scarcity, rare, desirable, strategy, beneficial, level, attract, interest, exclusivity, obtainable, restricted, volume, members, singular, distribution, point, Drw, Noon, label, scarce, presence, brand, perceptions, demand, best, price, selling, direct, effect, small, quantities, easier, manage, better, chance, producing, high, quality, authenticity, customers, exclusive, raegen, family, 1995, sells, mailing, list, cellar, door, November, export, sales, production, spread, thin, waiting, opportunity, purchase, pruning, topping, barrels, control, grown, supply, artisanal, approach, helpful, brand, Savina, Lane, Granite, Belt, Brad, Cheryl, Hutchings, hands, on, winemaking, process, three, months, year, vineyard, cases, deliveries, March, October, order, point, difference, inner, circle, treat, benefits, opening, times, access, personal, newsletter, movements, relationship, operation, highest, end, market, owners, perk, store, varieties
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