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Grapegrower and Winemaker Issue 642, 2017
Title: A helping paw
Keywords: dogs, assisting, winemaking, process, detect, aromas, help, winery, Sonja, Needs, University, Melbourne, work, phylloxera, brettanomyces, descriptors, winemaker, tasting, barrel, sample, characteristics, trainer, oenology, canine, skills, vineyard, yeast, Winery, Dogs, useful, smell, trial, King, Valley, infestation, searching, collected, test, identify, scent, support, funding, train, research, Victorian, Primary, Industries, Department, venture, data, brett, samples, purpose, tool, concentration, odour, air, levels, food, rewards, accuracy, consistent, results, semester, year, cells, barrels, wood, risk, spreading, prevention, plan, chemical, taint, spreads, season, wash, discard, infected, wood, cleaning, 2018
Page Number(s): 62-63

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