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Grapegrower and Winemaker Issue 642, 2017
Title: Project proves geofences protect vines
Keywords: Vinehealth, Australia, project, virtual, fences, vineyards, Barossa, McLaren, Vale, regions, track, boundary, crossings, power, geofencing, biosecurity, tool, Project, Rider, assess, value, proposition, technology, Australian, wine, industry, output, pest, disease, prevent, spread, Inca, Pearce, Canadian, technology, company, Be, Seen, Safe, software, trial, poultry, land, parcels, GPS, detect, movement, smart, phone, location, services, app, Brider, logged, messages, notified, owner, manager, visitor, book, name, date, time, stamp, duration, issues, new, protect, South, vines, Suzanne, McLoughlin, feedback, value, protection, management, Ben, Zander, Wroxton, Grange, winery, planning, system, opportunity, evaluate, concept, assist, efforts, people, vehicles, risk, phylloxera, footwear, tyres, boundaries, state, borders, engage, providers, benefit, better, funded, Government, PIRSA, grape, wine, tourism, association
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