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Grapegrower and Winemaker Issue 642, 2017
Title: Getting the most out of your irigation
Keywords: soil, moisture, performance, checklist, water, sunlight, chemical, substance, grapevine, Sam, Bowman, rising, electricity, costs, grapegrower, Murray, irrigation, increasing, vine, transitioning, dormancy, winter, rain, pruning, planning, season, organising, pest, disease, nutrition, program, management, year, optimum, efficiency, ground, test, completed, years, track, trend, nutrient, excess, deficiency, calcium, magnesium, external, seven, leaf, stage, organic, managing, holding, capacity, clay, pH, buffer, region, state, South, Eastern, Australian, compost, manure, mulch, expensive, improved, rewards, bacteria, fungi, cycling, fluctuation, temperature, resistence, pathogens, fertility, input, boost, salt, accumulation, analysis, use, benefit, reduce, vineyard, floor, reduction, herbicide, increase, retention, yield, cover, reducing, evaporation, breakdown, facilitate, slow, release, season, monitor, how, much, long, many, viticultural, landscape, Australia, schedule, crop, coefficient, growing, scheduling, MEA, plexus, system, green, brain, transmit, readings, radio, mesh, network, web, based, cloud, platform, access, guide, approach, results, graphs, rainfall, irrigating, technology, routine, maintenance, probes, step, clean, filters, pumps, field, stations, flush, mainlines, sub-mains, drip, lines, measuring, flow, block, indication, variance, pressure, beaker, output, issues, growth, variability, replacement, leaks, damage, identify, control, measures, baiting, shooting, chlorine, acid, injection, slimes, sediment, iron, sulphate, dissolve, salts, carbonates, phosphates, hydroxides, deposit, sample, reduce, intervention, preventive, reactive, procedures, save, time, money, problems, avoid, preparation, planning, digitalised, size, set, up
Page Number(s): 25-28

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