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Grapegrower and Winemaker Issue 641, 2017
Title: From grape to glass
Keywords: Kenneth, Stanton, Australia, leading, wine, lawyers, regulations, winemaker, product, vine, consumer,vineyard, winemaking, Francis, Ford, Coppella, Cliff, Richard, Gerard, Depardieu, viticulture, business, economic, development, global, economy, industry, challenges, producer, vintner, local, national, international, institution, agreement, pitfall, grape, pruning, leaf, plucking, shoot, thinning, netting, protect, crop, birds, regulatory, bodies, sales, overseas, market, Australian, Label, Integrity, Program, supply, chain, vintage, variety, geographical, indication, penalties, record, chemiicals, pesticides, veterinary, medicines, authority, food, safety, New, Zealand, law, export, European, Union, bilateral, trade, Canada, Chile, South, Africa, United, States, concessions, sparkling, Champagne, red, Burgundy, import, French, region, McLare, Vale, office, world, organization, Codex, Alimentarius, Federation, Spiriteux, additives, label, bottle, changes, blending, rules, protection, varieties, plant, genetic, resources, institute, production, standard, code, definitions, fortified, spirit, brandy, acid, ascorbic, citrus, dimethyl, dicarbonate, erythobic, lactic, processng, aids, activated, carbon, potassium, salts, ammonium, phosphates, argon, samples, bottling, packaging, governed, fedeeral, state, brand, name, mislead, origin, age, identity, legislation, volume, design, country, alcohol, content, allergens, address, lot, number, drinks, comply, positions, language, best, before, date, authority, shipment, breaches, licence, register, permit, consignement, certificate, analysis, tasting, authorities, laboratory, bulk, loading, transportation, suspended, levy, export, charge, percentage, value, requirement, success
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