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July (No. 498)


The July issue.
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Winemaking problems during vintage - a laboratory perspective


The 2005 vintage is all but over as this article is written. From all reports it will be remembered as one of exceptional quality and size. To quote the AWBC1 “for the second year in succession, and despite grapes being left on the vine, a higher than expected harvest will occur. At 1.96 million tonnes, the 2005 crush is a record tonnage… A mild season permitted full varietal characters to develop and generally disease-free conditions have resulted in a clean crop.”

The Australian season was generally mild with an absence of wild temperature spikes, but with a warm finish in several areas resulting in rapid ripening late in the season. This put some pressure on wineries to get fruit processed in a hurry towards the end of the vintage.

Although seasonal effects play a large part in the type of winemaking problems that can occur, other factors can also contribute to winemaking issues. In this article we will look at a few cases of winemaking problems that required our laboratory help to resolve.

NOTE: The complete article can be found in the July issue of The Australian & New Zealand Grapegrower & Winemaker.

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