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January (No. 492)


The January issue.
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Harvest and winemaking management during heat waves

Lucile Blateyron and Jacques Rousseau , Research & Development Department ICV La Jasse de Maurin, 34978 Lattes France

Searing summer temperatures were experienced in Europe for vintage 2003. With summer temperatures often reaching similar heights in some regions during the Australian vintage, the following article may well contain information, or concepts, of interest to Australian growers and winemakers. Grapegrower & Winemaker reproduces this article, translated in English, with kind permission from


The summer 2003 heat wave in Europe had significant consequences both on the characteristics of the grapes to be vinified, and more generally, on the operation of wineries. In this paper, we summarise the main consequences heat waves can have on grapes and vinifications without attempting to present an exhaustive review.

This work essentially refers to those “premature” regions, where an important part of the harvest had to be vinified under heat-wave conditions in 2003.

NOTE: The complete article can be found in the January issue of The Australian & New Zealand Grapegrower & Winemaker.

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