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April (No. 495)


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Innovative filter cartridge technology

Elke Brett , Begerow CmbH & Co

German company Begerow has introduced a new filter cartridge technology called BECO Protect®TS (Twinstream). The product represents a new generation of economical and safe depth filter cartridges in the beverage industry.

Construction of the filter cartridge

The construction of the BECO Protect differs from conventional depth filter cartridges in that there are two filter cartridge elements within a single depth filter cartridge.
The direction of flow for the outer filter cartridge is the same as for a conventional cartridge, that is, from the outside inward. The polypropylene filter matrices are graduated from coarse to fine and the internal fine matrices define the degree of filtration with an "absolute" retention rate. The direction of flow for the internal filter cartridge is governed by the holes in the red end cap, which introduce unfiltered product onto the filtration surface of the inner filter cartridge, which also consists of filter matrices graduated from coarse to fine. The filtrate from both the inner and outer filter cartridges is expelled into a common filtrate channel.
The surface area of the fine filter matrix is clearly increased by this new design, which also has the benefit of a lower tendency to block. Thus, compared with conventional filter cartridges, one can expect a doubling of product throughput. In addition, it is possible to filter with high flowrates and low differential pressures. This means that for new installations, smaller filter housings are required resulting in significant savings in capital investment.

NOTE: The complete article can be found in the April issue of The Australian & New Zealand Grapegrower & Winemaker.

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