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April (No. 495)


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Pinot Noir focus in Tasmania

Graham Wiltshire , Tasmanian Vine Improvement Association

The Tasmanian Vine Improvement Association Inc finds the title “Vine Improvement” something of a misnomer and seeks a name that is more appropriate to the objects and operating structure of the Association.

Clonal evaluation and trialing is really the object of our group. In association with South Australian Vine Improvement Incorporated (SAVII) and the Pinot Noir Forum – Tasmania, the group is undertaking replicated trials of selected clones of Pinot Noir on own-roots and selected rootstocks. The trials recently planted include 12 clones and five different rootstocks, encompassing something in the order of 750 vines. When TVIA expands the trials during spring of 2005 to include other Tasmanian regions it will also include other clones of Pinot Noir and rootstocks selected for the cool-climate suitability.

TVIA is an administrative and research and development organization. It is not a cutting or distribution organisation for grapevine propagation material. The Association monitors source blocks for management, health and disease status, but leaves the distribution to the source block owners and nurseries.

Other than specialised source blocks of recently imported clones, the TVIA prefers to import vine material from highly organised and reputable sources such as SAVII.

Membership of TVIA includes two representatives of the peak industry body in Tasmania (Vineyards Association of Tasmania) and specialist research and development organisations such as the Pinot Noir Forum – Tasmania. Operating expenses of TVIA is by way of contributions from the constituent organisations.

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