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January (No. 576)


The January issue.
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576 TOC

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business & technology

  • Annual Index: 2011
  • Eastern Europe opportunity complex but growing
  • What do online search engines know about me?


  • United Grower
  • Vineyard machinery
  • Wine quality


  • Ask the AWRI: Root-pruning and covercrops
  • Crush snail problem with targeted approach
  • Global forum focussed on climate change
  • In profile: Paul Smart
  • Limestone value unearthed
  • Targeted detection approach to grapevine phylloxera
  • Viti-talk: Long awaited volume of knowledge in print


  • MyView: Di Davidson
  • National body looking to cut costs
  • New Zealand seeks framework for future
  • Regional round-up: Canberra
  • Yields down, demand up: 2012

sales and marketing

  • Port: The year ahead
  • What influences distributors’ decisions


  • CMC – The bean counter’s friend
  • Direct inoculation with a difference
  • Having faith pays off for Protero
  • Malic acid uncovered
  • More to story of alcohol consumption and cancer
  • Unravelling future of genetic modification
  • WA Cabernet Sauvignon clones focus of new research

Grapegrower & Winemaker

AB Mauri



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