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February (No. 553)


The February issue.
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australian wine business

  • Al cheapo alcohol damages reputation of Australian wine
  • From cellar door to the customer – online
  • Planning crucial for a smooth transition

dams & water storage

  • SA company creates wetlands for wineries

environmental management

  • Caution urged with carbon neutral claims
  • Sustainability: What does it really mean for your wine business?


  • Babydolls could prove perfect solution
  • CCA post problems on the mend
  • Happy grapes make good wine


  • Event focusses on ‘One water, many futures’
  • Information the key to water efficiency


  • Industry responds to Copenhagen talks
  • My View: Ben Rose – Industry should focus on TBL approach
  • WineTech 2010: The technology hub

refrigeration solutions

  • Bitzer moves into environmentally friendly refrigerants
  • Is this the way of the future for refrigeration?
  • Solar energy schemes lack uniformity in Australia

vineyard machinery

  • Harvesters play vital role in quality
  • Nepenthe takes new technology On-Board
  • One-pass slashing provides cost savings

wastewater management

  • Maximising the payback of beneficial bacteria in a wastewater treatment plant
  • Treatment of winery wastewater to achieve reuse
  • Wine waste gets the squeeze


  • A brief look at exogenous enzyme function in winemaking
  • Purchase decisions along the supply chain
  • The Australian bulk wine market: 2010 outlook

Grapegrower & Winemaker

AB Mauri



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