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January (No. 552)


The January issue.
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552 TOC

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analytical services

  • Accuracy, flexibility and repeatability with Hanna automatic titration system
  • Automated titration system wins design award
  • Winemaker puts wheels on wine lab

australian wine business

  • Producers thinking outside the marketing square
  • SA wines soar to cult status overseas
  • Will NZ learn from mistakes made across the ditch?

bottling & packaging

  • Crown seal demand takes sparkling bottler by surprise
  • New laser coder helps bottle [yellow tail] to the ‘max’
  • Wine Storage & Logistics goes from strength to strength


  • MEA wins funding to create plant sensor

materials handling

  • Dräger helps ensure workers are kept safe


  • Has enthusiasm for the WET scheme dried up?
  • My View: Dan Traucki – Australia’s future lies in alternative wines
  • SIMEI – a long way from Jeff’s Shed

vineyard machinery

  • Pellenc helps producers approach harvest processes with vision


  • A preliminary analysis of horizontal and vertical flow wetlands for the treatment of winery wastewater
  • SIMEI delivers on new developments
  • The 2009 Rheinhessen vintage – the ripeness of a preferred vintage, but ...

yeast, enzymes & bacteria

  • Maximising aroma preservation in white and rosé wines

Grapegrower & Winemaker

AB Mauri



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