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November (No. 550)


The November issue.
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australian wine business

  • Driving the blue bus of industry exposure
  • Is dumbing down wine the way to lure Gen Y?
  • Making and marketing ‘green’ wine

bird control

  • Bird scaring: the natural way

bottling & packaging

  • Critical parameters to monitor and control when preparing wines for bottling
  • International collaborative closure trial provides commercial insight


  • Technical update: Mannostab – for potassium bitartrate stabilisation
  • Wine yeast nutrients 101

fertilisers & nutrition

  • Foliar feeding in vineyard management


  • Orlando Wines leading the way in waterless filtration technology


  • Grapevine maturity as affected by temperature, variety and canopy-to-fruit ratio
  • Reducing berry raisining in the vineyard: a case study in small-scale, on-farm research
  • The effect of dust on topsoil variation in the Orange wine region


  • Questions raised over National Water Initiative


  • Climate change takes centre stage at AWIEC
  • My View: Jim Fortune – Some parallel learning for the wine industry from the GM debate
  • Riverland association prunes federal body

pest & disease

  • Increased soil organic matter helps to alleviate young vine decline symptoms
  • Preventing and controlling powdery mildew once vines are infected

wastewater management

  • Winery wastewater treatment plants can switch to solar energy and save


  • Changes to the National Health and Medical Research Council’s Australian alcohol guidelines
  • Changing advice concerning alcohol consumption during pregnancy and breast feeding
  • Engineering renewable energy resources for a carbon constrained world

Grapegrower & Winemaker

AB Mauri



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