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36th Annual Tech Issue (No. 1002)


The 36th Annual Tech Issue issue.
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  • R&D investment is only useful when it can be used to innovate


  • A review of the processes and terminology used to describe grape flowering, berry development, fruitset and fruitset disorders
  • Assessing the market for change in response to the imposition of phylloxera regulations
  • Evaluation of fungicides for the control of Phomopsis
  • Evaluation of yield, fruit quality and vigour of Chardonnay grown on own roots and grafted to 10 rootstocks at Pemberton, Western Australia
  • Further developments with whole-of-block experimentation
  • Soil microbes in the fight against young vine decline
  • Vegetation increases abundance of natural enemies of common pests in vineyards
  • What is 80% capfall?
  • Will ripping or applying surface mulch help you to maintain yield during a drought?


  • Aroma stability in Sauvignon Blanc wines
  • Effect of skin contact and pressure on the composition of Sauvignon Blanc must
  • Grape juice is the major influence on volatile thiol aromas in Sauvignon Blanc
  • Linking soil and vine properties to wine characteristics
  • MLF - adding an ‘extra dimension’ to wine flavour and quality
  • The effect of temperature on yeast species composition during ferment
  • Yeast strain and nutritional modulation of aroma intensity, longevity and winemaker preference in Sauvignon Blanc

Grapegrower & Winemaker

AB Mauri



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