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December (No. 539)


The December issue.
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analytical services

  • Greg Howell: How green is your wine laboratory?

australian wine business

  • Global doom canít keep New Zealand down
  • Jeni Port: Consumer preference survey findings leave this wine writer cold
  • Peter Slegers: Winery sales and acquisitions: Beware the tax pitfalls on vineyards
  • Steven Cuellar and Dan Karnowsky: Price, promotion and profits


  • Practical ways to protect your wines from heat stress this summer
  • Tony Proffitt and Erika Winter: Adoption of Precision Viticulture on the rise
  • Wayne Pitt: Distribution and management of fungi associated with Botryosphaeria canker


  • Leo Quirk: Monitoring soil nutrient in irrigated Chardonnay vineyards

margaret river

  • Growers upbeat about Margaret Riverís prospects
  • Meet Margaret Riverís marvels


  • Grapegrower & Winemaker celebrates 45 years
  • Outlook 2008 confronts key issues in wine
  • Peter Dry puts down the red pen

oak & barrels

  • Is bigger better when it all comes down to the barrel?
  • Richmond Grove automates barrel cleaning

salinity management

  • Drought brings lessons on salinity


  • Forum: Tractors and the grape trade


  • Simon Kinley: Tannin additions and micro-oxygenation: How do they work in partnership?
  • Vincent Renouf: Alternative methods for utilisation of malolactic starters

Grapegrower & Winemaker

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