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November (No. 538)


The November issue.
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538 TOC

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australian wine business

  • Jeni Port: On-premise: the new battleground
  • Mary-Colleen Tinney: USA retail sales report
  • Peter McAtamney: Killer brands: what makes them tick?

bottling & packaging

  • Andrew Byles: ROPP capping, kept simple
  • Sustainability is the key to wine packaging’s future

earth-friendly wines

  • Mike Carson: Wastewater treatment for small and medium wineries

fertilisers and nutrition

  • Asma Johansson: Conversations on chelation and mineral nutrition


  • Greg Howell: Let’s be clear about filtration


  • Andrew Hall and Jim Hardie: Developing precision technologies to improve grape yield forecasting
  • Ben Rose: Start vintage with accurate crop estimate


  • Special report: Harvest size - what’s ideal for Australia?

pest & disease

  • Dean Metcalf: A biological control agent for Botrytis cinerea


  • Cathy Howard: Austria hosts world-first congress for ‘King’ of wines
  • Misha Wilkinson: On the road with Australian Pinot

yeast & fermentation

  • Chris Curtin and Paul Henschke: Dried vs propagated yeast: implications for use of blended yeast products
  • Ellie King: Yeast co-inoculation influences flavour and consumer preference of Sauvignon Blanc wines

Grapegrower & Winemaker

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