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October (No. 537)


The October issue.
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australian wine business

  • Forum: Information Technology and the wine trade
  • Jeni Port: Cost Co: get ready to dance with the devil
  • Wine clubs: generating greater profitability through customer loyalty


  • Ampelography: do you know what variety you are planting in your vineyard or nursery?
  • Jim Fortune: Australian vineyards: a reason for pride

harvest preparation

  • Harvesters: can secondhand match new? Exploring the best option


  • A cover: what a dam fine idea
  • SA allocations boosted as Rudd launches $150,000 exit option
  • Tapas Biswas & Mike McCarthy: SDI in wine grapes


  • Cruise makes a great way to sell wine
  • New Zealand news: Deloitte financial survey
  • Special report: Investigating industry’s alcohol and tax message

pest & disease

  • Birds in 2008-09: what growers can expect
  • Lessons learned in Hunter Valley floods

refrigeration solutions

  • Jannie Howard: Cold facts in refrigeration efficiency


  • Alcohol levels in wine: Australian researchers respond
  • Creina Stockley: The consumption of alcohol and its association with breast cancer
  • Greg Howell: Sparkling wine, tricky to test

yeast in winemaking

  • Eveline Bartowsky: The AWRI Wine Microorganism Culture Collection
  • Karien O’Kennedy & Graham Reid: Yeast nutrient management in winemaking

Grapegrower & Winemaker

AB Mauri



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