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September (No. 548)


The September issue.
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australian wine business

  • Breaking into the restaurant market
  • Celestial Bay Wines helps WA students get hands dirty
  • Jeni Port: Going green? Who really cares?
  • Joining the EU is a key to Salitage export success

bird control

  • Bird control from the wild, to the weird

bottling & packaging

  • Diana Jaquillard: Positive perceptions of an economic upturn
  • Does quirk work? Bold marketing campaigns stand out


  • Ben Rose: Prices slide - it’s time to look at the mathematics of grapegrowing
  • Paul van der Lee: The economic contribution of wine to the Australian economy
  • Riverland seminar addresses viticulture, winemaking and business of alternatives
  • Seaweed extract shows improved fruit quality at McLaren Vale vineyard trial


  • d’Arenberg finalist in Telstra Business Awards
  • My View: Kym Ludvigsen - Vine improvement - where is the industry support?
  • Shining night as Infield Ag takes out Supplier Of The Year

oak & barrels

  • Oak in the wine? Or wine in the oak?
  • Oak treatment in wines: how much is just right for your target market?

pest & disease

  • Melanie Weckert: Covercrops and composts improve soil health, decrease pest nematodes
  • Nicola Wunderlich: Trunk disease pathogens associated with bunch rot disease in Hunter Valley
  • Reducing the impact of eradication for exotic grapevine diseases

practical pumps

  • Radio telemetry pumps up production at Wolf Blass

soil management

  • Consultancy recommends petiole analysis when it comes to reliability


  • James Kennedy: Tannin research on Pinot Noir in Oregon
  • John Casey: The ‘random oxidation’ myth

Grapegrower & Winemaker

AB Mauri



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