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August (No. 547)


The August issue.
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australian wine business

  • E-marketing: moving from bricks to clicks
  • Jeni Port: Kiwis still smiling, but does the world’s bargain bin beckon?
  • Jim Moularadellis: 2009 post-vintage bulk wine review
  • Stephen Stern and Katerina Craven: Changes to our existing GI landscape

bottling & packaging

  • A day in Constellation’s UK Park
  • Low demand for cork mouth bottles
  • Packaging with pop unveiled at LIWF


  • Greg Walker: Resistance of some commonly used rootstocks to Root-knot Nematode: the problem of rootstock selection
  • Victor Sadras et. al.: Irrigated Shiraz powers on, despite short heat spells


  • AWBC welcomes Cheesman to the helm
  • CSU scholarship winner announced
  • My View: Ron Collins - MIS and over-supply: facts and fiction

oak and barrels

  • Cathy Howard: Oak barrel trial protocols: Finding the barrels that match your wines
  • Oak trends: Grain versus forest

tanks & storage

  • David Rynes: Winery tanks: an OHS perspective in South Australia
  • Matthew Michalewicz: Planning and scheduling optimisation in tank farm operations


  • Tractor sales down in tough times, though tax break helps

training & trellising

  • Yalumba’s trellising trials: Measuring tension on the trellis wire to estimate yield

vineyard spraying

  • Geoff Furness: Setting pesticide dose using spray volume calculation


  • Anthony Saliba How much eucalyptus flavour is too much? the great debate
  • Greg Howell: Agricultural chemical residue analysis in wine
  • WFA’s environmental scheme has West Australian start

Grapegrower & Winemaker

AB Mauri



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