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June (No. 545)


The June issue.
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545 TOC

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australian wine business

  • Jeni Port: Merging interests, but only for the right reasons

automating the winery

  • Casella Wines: where big means business
  • Why pigging systems can save you money, water and wine

crushing & pressing

  • Greg Howell: Managing potential microbial problems during crushing or pressing
  • Inert crushing solution arrives in Australia


  • Kym Ludvigsen: AVIA calls for new funding, protocols for vine improvement
  • Richard Pentreath: Mulch treatments on nursery rootstock
  • varietal confusion: Some facts on Albarino and Savagnin Blanc and vine identification methods


  • My view: Jim Lumbers
  • New lightweight bottles on the market
  • Special report: Stay green or stay afloat?
  • Wine contributes $3.5 billion to New Zealand economy

pruning solutions

  • Ben Rose: Pruning smoke, fire and heat-impacted vines
  • Matching pruning to trellis type

soil management

  • Mildura hosts Vibrosoiler launch
  • Miriam Zady: Biological control: A widely accepted reality

the riverina

  • John Casella: The brains behind the brand
  • Nehme finds niche with Botrytis Semillon
  • Riverina: The workhorse with a strong spirit

vineyard machinery

  • Cutting with cutting edge technology
  • Recycling sprayer cuts costs, reduces environmental impact


  • Cathy Howard: Checklist for preparing wine for bottling
  • Kurtis Phillips: When shopping for MOX equipment, focus on your goals before settling on a specific means
  • Nomacorc meeting proves productive
  • Richard Gibson: Bottle closures, oxygen and wine

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