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May (No. 544)


The May issue.
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australian wine business

  • Jeni Port: Bag in Box: the cask is looking cool
  • Peter Slegers: Tax office sets sights on ‘uncommercial’ WET practices

frost protection

  • Frost protection by use of overhead irrigation


  • 2009 vintage snapshots
  • Dr Angela Lush: snails in viticulture
  • Dr Chris Bourke: Savagnin, Traminer, Gewurztraminer and the Albarino confusion
  • Viticulture forum: rootstocks

IT in the wine industry

  • Wineries, time to get blogging


  • About Yellow Tail, the Corolla and the Lexus
  • Special report: Time for radical thinking: grapegrowing in the Northern Territory

post-harvest review

  • Nita Hedditch: Post-vintage review of systems and processes, time to look ahead

pruning solutions

  • Let robots do the pruning

vine improvement group reports

  • 2008 Australian Vine Improvement Association Inc report
  • Cuttings sales down, but Cabernet clonal trial excites WAVIA
  • Drought impacts VAMVVIA cuttings


  • 10 favourite pieces of equipment from the Unified symposium
  • A future for the Riverland: an alternative view
  • Cathy Howard: Achieving best practice in wine filtration
  • Greg Howell: Vintage 2009: hazy days
  • WFA update: joint council reflects greater cooperation
  • When size matters: Casella’s new bottling line is big news

winery eng. assoc. conference & exhibition

  • National Conference preview

Grapegrower & Winemaker

AB Mauri



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