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April (No. 543)


The April issue.
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australian wine business

  • Good people hard to find, in good times and bad
  • Jeni Port: Foster’s Review: what does it all mean?

fertiliser & nutrition

  • Fertiliser fluctuations: how to get more bang for your buck


  • Italian researchers investigate plant-based fining agents


  • Kym Ludvigsen: Vegetation corridors in established vineyards
  • Peter Hayman: Part 3: Assessing and managing the risk of heatwaves in SE Australian wine regions


  • Jim Fortune: Time for honest talk as industry shares pain
  • My view: Paul Henry on Directions 2025
  • Special report: Low prices leave grapes on the vine

vine improvement group reports

  • Adelaide Hills invests in Sauvignon Blanc trials
  • Chardonnay the ‘new’ Cabernet: out of favour in SA
  • Cuttings, rootstocks in demand for RVIA

vineyard development & trellising

  • Is climate change altering vine training and trellising practices?
  • Mycorrhizae: the ultimate crop companion
  • Row direction: which way is up?


  • Australian supplier offers options to recover smoke-affected wines
  • Preventing Potassium Tartrate crystallisation
  • Tannins vs oak chips: what does each contribute to your wine?
  • The ability of wine yeast to consume fructose

Grapegrower & Winemaker

AB Mauri



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