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February (No. 541)


The February issue.
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australian wine business

  • Henry Work: How wineries can survive when over-supply and economic recession meet
  • Jeni Port: UK supermarkets turn the screws

dams & vineyard development

  • Dig it, line it, cover it: All about dams

floors, doors & cold stores

  • Only the best for new Brown Brothers dispatch facility


  • Ben Rose: Save post breakage, save money this harvest
  • Elissa West: Bacterial endophytes and grapevines
  • Shayne Hackett: Avoiding potential heat stress
  • Warwick Grace & Peter Hayman: Understanding heatwaves in Australian wine regions


  • Langhorne Creek growers build water awareness benchmark


  • ASVO symposium – high calibre event
  • Christina Tulloch: Directions neglects our own backyard

refrigeration solutions

  • Geoff Cowey: Brines, paints, oils and the occasional mobile phone – common vintage contaminants

vineyard machinery

  • Latest products to hit the Australian market, plus equipment for sale

wastewater management

  • Joanna Stephens: Considerations when irrigating with wastewater


  • Anthony Saliba: Can consumers be convinced that a wine is a regional hero?
  • Are wines affected by the proximity of vineyards to Eucalypt trees?
  • Cathy Howard: Best-practice winemaking with heat-affected fruit
  • Regional profile: Canberra’s winemakers lead from the front

Grapegrower & Winemaker

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