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September (No. 536)


The September issue.
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australian wine business

  • Jeni Port: Dollars and destinations: Have we missed the Asian boat?
  • John Kennedy: Emotions run high over MIS plantings
  • Rachel Clarke: New workplace laws: will they affect you?

bottling & packaging

  • Alternative packaging: Minimise the oxygen
  • Greg Howell: Technical issues when using non-traditional wine packaging


  • Corbans Viticulture: Use of soil amendments when planting new vines
  • James Hook: Will pricing pressure act as a catalyst for change? Glyphosate prices rise
  • Top-working: Speedy solution, but assess the risks


  • Special report: The Emissions Trading Scheme and the Australian wine industry
  • WFA update: Cellar door success, how does your winery rank?
  • Winery Engineering Association New Zealand conference preview

pest & disease

  • Chris Steel: Influence of climate on bunch rot in the Hunter Valley

practical pumps

  • Ted Lord: Choosing the best pump for your vineyard solution


  • Dr Richard Muhlack: Engineering fermentation
  • Greg Howell: How to avoid the AWBC rejecting your wines

Grapegrower & Winemaker

AB Mauri



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