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August (No. 535)


The August issue.
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535 TOC

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australian wine business

  • Jeni Port: Sexy Spain… so hot right now
  • Jim Moularadellis: 2008 post-vintage bulk wine review
  • New Riesling phenomonen strikes in the US, domestic sales drop

bottling & packaging

  • Adrian Van Drunen: Recycling pressure-sensitive materials in Australia and New Zealand
  • Mai Nygaard: An update on the closure debate at the London Wine International Trade Fair


  • Ben Rose: How to convert trellising systems
  • John Whiting: Putting the richness into Rich Ripe Reds, coverage of Bendigo’s regional workshop


  • Phylloxera chief steps down
  • WEA Conference: Barossa event wrap-up
  • WFA Update: Outlook, EU reforms, alcohol tolerance

oak in winemaking

  • Achieving greatness in wine with oak alternatives
  • Alternative options to value-add to your new oak purchase

tractor talk

  • Keys to selecting the best tractor

training & trellising

  • Adrian van den Bergen: A novel approach to low input, sustainable viticulture

vineyard spraying

  • US spray expert takes regional Australian tour


  • Geoff Cowey, Brooke Travis: Practical sensory evaluation in the winery
  • Megan Hill: Who is interested in research on grape tannins… and why?

Grapegrower & Winemaker

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