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April (No. 531)


The April issue.
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Australian Wine Business

  • Information Technology: BackVintage adopts integrated IT solution
  • Jeni Port: Upbeat retailers display bottleshop bravado

Fertilisers & Nutrition

  • Viticulturist forum: Make the most of the soil in your vineyard


  • A comparative study of crossflow filters
  • Use of enzymatic preparation in red wine maceration and its effect on filtration


  • Establishing and managing native grass covercrops
  • Flower sprays, fruitset and disease control
  • Potential new uses for plant growth regulators in viticulture
  • Vintage snapshot: AWBC forecasts yields up on 2007


  • Special Report: Jim Fortune, The Wine Industry Value Chain, Part 2.
  • Workplace accidents will happen

Oak in Winemaking

  • Ice-blasting barrel cleaning on its way Down Under


  • Knowledge of bud fruitfulness and primary bud necrosis aids pruning decisions
  • Pruning strategies for vineyards in dry conditions

Vine Health & Development

  • Demand for cuttings steady - VAMVVIA
  • Plantings on the rise in the West
  • Tasmania rejoins national vine improvement body


  • Excessive copper fining of wines sealed under screwcaps - identifying and treating reductive winemaking characters

Grapegrower & Winemaker

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