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November (No. 514)


The November issue.
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anti-alcohol lobby

  • As the winemakers would have it …
  • Pregnant pause síl vous plait
  • Warning labels in the spotlight

australian wine business

  • Americans are flocking for their piece-a Pizza
  • Merlot the magician!

bird control

  • Starling threat to Western Australia


  • Search for yeast that produces less alcohol without compromising quality
  • The role of yeast in the expression of varietal character by the hydrolysis of glycosidically-bound volatile compounds during fermentation


  • Grapevine nutrition – making the right decisions
  • Hormones have crucial roles in berry development and may be keys to successfully altering ripening.
  • Influence of adjacent vegetation on the abundance and distribution of natural enemies in vineyards
  • NWGIC: Preliminary assessment of terroirs in the Tumbarumba wine region
  • Viticulturist in profile: Stuart Smith
  • Working with new planting material: the Brown Brothers ’experience


  • Long-term approach to managing water resources


  • Aussie delegates see potential in China visit
  • Chartered Accountants Business of Wine Conference
  • Frost may be last straw
  • Water is a precious commodity

riverland field days

  • Riverland crowd defies industry downturn

wine & health

  • Could moderate consumption provide significant health benefits?


  • All Blass. No Glass!
  • Effect of the application of maceration enzymes on red wine colour stability

Grapegrower & Winemaker

AB Mauri



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