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January (No. 516)


The January issue.
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analytical services

  • Getting the right gear for the winery lab

australian wine business

  • Chinese consumer preferences: Shiraz spritzer, anyone?
  • Export. Where would the USA be without Yellow Tail?
  • New media prove that being disruptive gets you noticed
  • The future could be bright for bulk wine prices

bird control

  • Assessing damage, isprevention worth the trouble?
  • Birds around Australia, we find out what's flying where


  • IOBC ratings promote beneficial insects
  • Michael Gray of St Anne's Winery shares his thoughts
  • Phylloxera: pest present, but contained
  • PRD: Pretty Radical Development

heavy machinery

  • Mechanical harvesting: MOG off
  • The robots are coming

new zeland

  • Wither Hills botch batch bottling


  • 2006: a year in review
  • Here's cheers to drinking red wine
  • Size matters at the WFA
  • Vinetech Bordeaux: technically a successful show


  • Brettanomyces research from Canada
  • How enzmes work
  • Sauvignon Blanc aromatics and the role of yeast

Grapegrower & Winemaker

AB Mauri



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