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October (No. 513)


The October issue.
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australian wine business

  • Bringing the world first cellar door performance data to Australian wineries
  • Foster’s ‘not takeover target’
  • Technology boost grapegrowing and winemaking operations
  • Wine in China: a foreign affair. Part three of Denis Gastin’s exclusive series.


  • Ben Rose. Real Viticulture
  • Beneficial insects in vineyards: Parasitoids of LBAM and grapevine moth in south-east Australia
  • Fungi associated with grapevine decline in the Hunter Valley and Mudgee
  • Tritrophic interactions between grapevines, phylloxera and pathogenic fungi – establishing the root cause of grapevine decline

managing young vines

  • Research, planning and site selection: critical keys to new plantings

new zealand

  • Alvis is the king!
  • International favour and flavour


  • Cardinham next generation takes charge at Clare
  • Elementary my dear Watson… it's a Shingleback!
  • Harvest 2006: the growers' experience
  • R & D dollars pay dividends - SARDI

refrigeration & cooling

  • Chilling debate heats up
  • Energy efficiency and thermal storage in wineries


  • Application of electronic nose devices in the Australian wine industry
  • Is your headspace vacant?
  • White wine antioxidants: ascorbic acid or erythorbic acid. What’s the difference?
  • Winemaker in Profile: Philip Shaw, Orange, NSW

yeast selection

  • Benefits of improved active dry yeast rehydration for better alcoholic fermentation management
  • Yeast contributes to Shiraz aroma and flavour

Grapegrower & Winemaker

AB Mauri



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