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34th Annual Technical Issue (No. 1000)


The 34th Annual Technical Issue issue.
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1000 TOC

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business and marketing

  • Empirical foundations of wine expertise
  • The road to innovation: experiences in the Australian wine industry

environmental management

  • Innovation in management of wastewater in the Australian wine industry


  • A new approach to viticultural experimentation
  • Experiences with amelioration treatments trialled on Perti disease in vineyards in Victoria
  • Manipulating fruitset in grapevines
  • Mussel shell mulch alters Pinot Noir grapevine development and wine qualities
  • Poor soil physical proterties can hinder nutrient uptake in vines
  • The spread of Eutypa lata within grapevines - implications for management of eutypa dieback
  • Where does the fertiliser go? Visualising soil-plant fertigation dynamics on grapevines

wine closures

  • Oxygen brings new life to closure debate
  • The permeability of closures


  • A method for mini-lot fermentation for use in research and commercial viticultural and winemaking trials
  • An overview of the requirements for ensuring optimal yeast performance and a new development in yeast preperation technology
  • Bentonite fining: can we improve performance and efficiency and decrease value losses?
  • Grape-derived tannins and their application
  • The measurement of alcohol levels in wine
  • The outcomes of extended maceration in red winemaking - winemaker's perspectives
  • When do grapes make tannins?

Grapegrower & Winemaker

AB Mauri



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