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August (No. 511)


The August issue.
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australian wine business

  • Government rebate boosts small wineries
  • Post-vintage bulk wine review
  • Power kWatch saves big dollars

bottling, labelling & packaging

  • Alcan is putting the screws on
  • New Zealand bottling lines under the microscope
  • Sound corking practices vital for closure performance


  • Adelaide Hills small-lot winemaking trial compares Pinot Noir rootstocks versus own-roots
  • Ben Rose: Real Viticulture
  • Fighting frost in the vineyard
  • Vineyard floor groundcover affects vine growth and benificial soil micro-organisms

New Zealand

  • Crushed glass and mussel trials under way
  • New variety for New Zealand


  • 387 standard bottles in this Great Southern record-breaker
  • Grape shortage claims condemned
  • Victoria to create new industry focus

tanks, storage & equipment

  • 350,000,000 litres of storage in three years
  • Tanks for the good work

vineyard spraying

  • Environmental fate and ecotoxicology of crop protection products
  • Powdery mildew spray programs


  • Developments in our understanding of how grapes make tartaric acid
  • Winemaker Profile: Damien Adams, Divers Luck Winery

Grapegrower & Winemaker

AB Mauri



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