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May (No. 628)


The May issue.
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  • Pruning
  • Training & Trellising


  • Clover Hill wins 2016 Tasmanian ‘vineyard of the year’
  • Quantifying the advancement and compression of vintage
  • The balancing act: Sweetness and acid
  • The battle against Eutypa
  • Top 10 tips for post-harvest activity
  • Vineyard machinery and equipment survey report
  • Wrapping arms could be a stressful option for grapevines


  • Australian vintage report: Short and sweet
  • From the editor
  • Movers & shakers
  • On the grapevine
  • Plea to keep the WET core principles
  • Regional Roundup: SA
  • Sidewood’s powerful investment

Sales & marketing

  • Canada market analysis: Best of both worlds
  • Is ‘brand Australia’ dead?
  • Misha’s Vineyard: 10th vintage milestone
  • People and places
  • Treasury to back regions for sales pitch


  • A practical guide to blending
  • Bec Duffy claims Tasmania’s ‘rural women’s award’
  • Innovation for vegan wines
  • Lucky break for Melbourne students
  • Tips to help move your wine from the winery to the shelves
  • Who likes which sparkling and why?
  • Wine regions and whisky

Grapegrower & Winemaker

AB Mauri



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